Improve team collaboration withGroups

From collaborating on projects across your organisation to growing your company culture, everything on Workplace starts with a group.

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Communicate with the right people

Use official groups to communicate with a team, region or entire company. Make sure that important updates get to the right people, and listen to feedback through comments on post reactions.

Bring your entire company into the conversation

From communicating with your team and collaborating on projects, to building communities and nurturing your company culture - everything on Workplace starts with a group.

Pin important updates to the top of the News Feed, and send an email notification to guarantee that people see it.

Q&A posts let people ask questions and upvote their favourites so you can see and respond to whatever is top of mind.

Drafted an update for a global team? Make sure that it gets noticed by scheduling it to go live at a suitable time.

Use "action items" to make meetings more productive by assigning tasks or confirming next steps.

Make documents more discoverable by sharing files from OneDrive, SharePoint, Dropbox or Google Drive into any Workplace group.

Recognise a job well done using achievement posts to call out great work or celebrate a project milestone.

Connect and share knowledge across the board. Groups give your employees a space to connect with colleagues, build communities and collaborate on projects across the organisation.

Build culture by creating social groups for like-minded colleagues. Encourage people to discuss their hobbies, celebrate their identities and form new communities.

Create a group with less than 250 people and you'll automatically create a matching Workplace Chat thread. Use the group for in-depth discussions or jump into Chat for urgent conversations and instant decisions.

Create as many groups as you like by clicking the 'Create Group' button on desktop or navigating to the Groups tab on mobile. Follow the steps to name your group, choose your privacy setting and invite who you want.

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