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Schedule a one-to-one business masterclass with senior leaders from Facebook. Register now to gain unique insights into Facebook's approach to communication, culture, innovation and technology.

Exclusive discussion with Facebook executives

If you've ever wondered how Facebook stays ahead of the curve on the latest business trends, this is your chance to find out. Get exclusive one-to-one briefings from Facebook's most senior experts, including:

Karen O'Neill

Director, People Growth, Facebook

Irina Kofman

Director, Business Lead AI, Facebook

James Moustafellos

Enterprise Products Research Lead, Facebook

Build your own schedule

The executive briefing is a custom-built, one-to-one, half-day virtual session designed to deep dive into the topics that you care about the most. You and your team will walk away with insights and inspiration, as well as an action plan based on your briefing objectives.

What to expect

Every executive briefing is tailored to your individual needs. Sample sessions include:

  • How a connected company powers innovation
  • The future of work with immersive technologies
  • Managing your communication while working remotely
  • Creating and sustaining a culture of innovation
  • The future of HR

Briefing places are limited and based on selection criteria.

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