Work solutions that work

Workplace isn’t a 'one size fits all' kind of tool. So whatever the size of your business or the scale of your business challenge, we’ve got you covered.

Put people first

Show employees that you care about company culture by giving people more ways to tell you who they are and what they care about. Use Groups to bring people together, Polls to ask for opinions, and Profiles to help people express themselves.

  • Groups: Bring people together to discuss their hobbies, celebrate their identities and form new work communities
  • Polls: Ask people what they want to talk about at the next company meeting, or just learn more about whatever is on their mind
  • Profiles: Introduce the real you by uploading a photo, choosing your pronouns and even letting people know how to pronounce your name

Turn communication into conversation

Make top-down comms a two-way conversation by automatically translating posts into multiple languages, leaving Comments and Reactions, and much more. Give everyone a voice and watch employee engagement grow.

  • Comments: Get involved in the conversation by leaving feedback or sharing ideas on Workplace posts
  • Video Chat: Whether it’s a project catch up or a quick coffee, video chat is the easy way to connect on desktop or mobile
  • Auto-Translate: Give people everywhere a chance to have their say by automatically translating posts into 91 languages

Level-up your leadership comms

Be a more authentic and engaging leader using tools like Live video to post updates and company news. Share information in a Group to get it in front of a single team or the entire company. Then measure how your messages land with Insights.

  • Live Video Broadcast live to share company news in an authentic way, add Q&As, captions and video chapters to improve engagement
  • Groups: Automatically add people to company-wide, regional or team groups so you can reach the right audience with your updates or big announcements
  • Insights: Measure the things you care about, like views, sentiment and employee engagement with straightforward analytics

Make people feel at home, at work

Stay connected to remote or hybrid workers using Groups and Workplace Chat to make it easy to work together even when you’re apart. Simple voice notes help prevent VC fatigue and Portal integrations can breathe new life into tired team meetings.

  • Integrations: Workplace connects with the tools people already use to get work done on the go like Office 365, Google Workspace, Dropbox, Sharepoint and more
  • Bots: Automate key ways of working for remote workers, including document signing and employee recognition
  • Portal: Free up your computer using a dedicated VC device, so you can continue to use your computer for real-time collaboration and information sharing

No desk? No problem

Get frontline employees connected to Workplace using a special code so they can access key company information through Knowledge Library, swap shifts and send messages.

  • Knowledge Library: Our user-friendly intranet makes it easy for people to create, discover and share important content, when they’re on the go or serving customers
  • Workplace Chat: Instant messaging one-to-one or in a group for your local depot. Or share photos, videos and questions from the shop floor direct to HQ
  • Shift Cover: Request cover for a shift or volunteer to cover for a colleague. Managers can approve or decline requests to ensure visibility for all