AstraZeneca unlocks the power of community using Workplace

64,000 people share ideas and feedback to build company strategy together

REMA 1000 builds bots to get more done

Workplace integrations help make work happen faster

Save the Children saves lives by sharing ideas

How using Workplace gives 25,000 people better ways to communicate

MercadoLibre breaks the language barrier

Why using Workplace is helping build a stronger working culture

Telenor connects whenever, wherever

Teams use Workplace to eliminate emails and work smarter together

Over 30,000 stories high

Organisations around the world use Workplace to join people together and get more done. Here are just some of their inspiring stories.

Century 21 Real Estate LLC is a global pioneer for innovation in commercial, residential and rural property

Olam is a leading global food and agriculture business supplying food, ingredients, feed and fibre worldwide

Max Life Insurance is the largest non-bank-owned life insurance organisation in India

Improving communication between global teams by 70%

Connecting and empowering a global community of environmental conservationists

Building meaningful communities to support LGBTQ+ youth all over the world

Uniting over 34,000 remote employees as one in times of crisis

Healthe Care Australia is the third-largest provider of private hospitals across Australia and New Zealand.

Building meaningful workplace relationships

Connecting 64,000 people to harness the power of community at work

Building seamless intra-bank communication and collaboration across 2000 employees and 75 branches

"Don't email me, I'm only on Workplace"

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