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With a selection of world-class teachers and an in-house tech team, WhiteHat Jr is on a mission to empower a generation of creators. So by teaching coding in early childhood, 6-14 year-olds across the globe are given greater access to IT skill development.



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With an 11,000 women-only teacher workforce spread across India, WhiteHat Jr wanted to give its employees a sense of belonging and community. Previously, they were on multiple communication platforms that constantly crashed due to the massive amount of daily messages the organisation sent. This resulted in poor communication practices and high operational costs. As the company continued to grow, they needed a one-stop, easy-to-use interactive platform that supported seamless communication and engagement.

Why Workplace?

With an easy-to-use interface, there was little or no training needed for its teachers. Workplace has given WhiteHat Jr's dispersed workforce a platform to communicate, share knowledge and feedback – and celebrate successes together. This has helped teachers foster deeper connections with each other and the rest of the organisation. Leaders are able to gain valuable feedback from the teachers and their teams.


99%adoption rate

80%reduction in infrastructure

80%of users engage with
weekly posts

How Workplace helped

Building a unified company culture

WhiteHat Jr has become synonymous with an organisation that takes feedback, listens to and cares for its employees. This has been made possible because of Workplace. With over 2,000 groups, there is a group for every occasion – celebrating work anniversaries, rewarding teachers, exchanging resources to help the teachers improve their classes, and of course getting the pulse of the organisation. By supporting a unified culture through Workplace, the organisation has significantly reduced its infrastructure costs.

Communicating efficiently and effectively

WhiteHat Jr acknowledges that everyone has a voice. By giving employees a more efficient line of communication with each other and with senior leaders, it has helped break down silos and hierarchy. Employees have even been able to directly influence policy changes by expressing their sentiments collectively on Workplace. As a result, management is also able to tweak and communicate the policy changes quickly in response.

Consistency in messaging

Workplace has streamlined WhiteHat Jr's communication at every level of the organisation. With all communication on a single platform, it ensures that every employee gets the same information. Using Insights, leaders are able to continually review and revise their approach to ensure their messages are seen by the right people. This targeted approach supported increased engagement on the platform and led to a greater sense of unity across all departments.

Reducing infrastructure costs

Using access codes and custom integration, the organisation has also been able to remove support queries, freeing up the IT team's time to focus on more important things.

"In parallel to WhiteHat Jr's mission to empower a generation of creators, Workplace has been able to empower our 11,000 strong teacher workforce through a cohesive and unified collective that generates communication, ideas and powerful, interpersonal relationships vital to our company's global success."

Karan Bajaj

Karan Bajaj

CEO, Whitehat Jr

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