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Energised and empowered employees





Despite everyone working in the same building, there was little collaboration between different brands. Building digital literacy supported the strategic plan to find and grow innovation within the company.

The deeply traditional automotive industry would benefit from modern, digital approaches.


95%of employees using Workplace to communicate and collaborate

How Workplace helped

Energised and empowered employees

Employees have embraced the platform, with over 95% using Workplace to communicate and collaborate. Everyone is part of the conversation. New recruits feel like they've been given a gift.

Efficiency, not emails

Efficiency is up and emails are down. Targeted communication to relevant groups is replacing large distribution lists.

Leading the next-generation workplace

Workplace makes the CEO and leadership team more accessible. It shows that management is leading with a forward-thinking vision of the future.

"We're proud to be the first brand in Ireland to use Workplace. We're committed to creating a workplace that fosters innovation and ideas from within. Joining the digital conversation is critical to building the Volkswagen Group of the future."

Lars Himmer

Lars Himmer


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