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UST Global was looking for a better communication and collaboration platform to help drive their digital transformation. Other tools had struggled to gain adoption. Collaboration by email was limited, with new ideas locked up inside departments and teams.

85% of their workforce is under 40. This young, highly mobile workforce relied on personal tools to stay productive.

How Workplace helped

Workplace's familiar and intuitive features aided rapid adoption with over 700 team and project groups started within the first two months. 25% the workforce travels regularly, using Workplace to stay connected and productive. Over 50% of Workplace usage is on mobile.

Senior leadership in the US, UK and India use Workplace Chat to make decisions and prepare meetings, wherever they are.

Within the first week, a post in the 6,000-member "Innovation" group shared information on a new technology under development in the field. This eliminated the need to complete a pending acquisition of a similar technology.

"Workplace allows our most important asset – our people – to be effective and productive."

Sunil Kanchi


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