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With its mainly millennial workforce, T-ROC found Workplace to be the perfect solution to connect its employees: it's easy to implement, requires no training and uses the Facebook platform young professionals are familiar with.

Page Valgora, Director of Sales Enablement, explained: "We wanted employees to be active in the T-ROC community, contributing ideas, learning best practices and sharing successes."

Now, everyone at T-ROC is using Workplace – from the CEO, to administrative assistants. Specifically, Workplace Chat has become integral to its sales operations and enablement. It instantly connects employees through mobile or desktop to get answers, send files or conduct video calls.

"When sales staff working independently in the field need answers fast, Workplace Chat is their lifeline," said Page.


80%of the company is using Workplace

97%of employees are using Workplace Chat

How Workplace helped

The impact of Workplace Chat on T-ROC's sales team can be seen across the entire company's operations. The organisation has become more agile, allowing for spontaneous and lively dialogue on new ideas, products and campaigns that bring employees closer.

A portion of T-ROC's employees work at pop-ups in department stores, selling on behalf of telecommunication companies. Part of the job requires setting up displays for the brands they're representing. To encourage quality setup, T-ROC leadership devised an impromptu contest, asking employees to share a photo of their display in a Workplace group. The employee with the best display would win a gift card.

Employees participated enthusiastically. The contest increased team morale and gave leadership a new method to align teams on sales best practices. CEO and President, Brett Beveridge, describes these activities as "a great way to make an immediate impact and drive the behaviours or productivity we want."

The contest was executed in 48 hours, eliciting comments, GIF-filled responses and hundreds of reactions. This dynamic experience would not have been possible with email.

"We have four divisions and numerous projects within each. Workplace has increased awareness among employees about what we do and about the opportunity here for career growth."

Page Valgora

Page Valgora

Director of Sales Enablement

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