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Handling projects and clients across multiple locations, communication has always been Telnet's greatest challenge.

A history of expensive solutions which failed to solve the communication problem.

How Workplace helped

Fewer meetings

The development team uses a group to share and discuss ideas, mockups and documents, eliminating meetings and email chains.

Whenever, wherever

The 24/7 support team relies heavily on Workplace's mobile app and Workplace Chat messaging to stay connected and answer unexpected and urgent questions.

Moving faster

The support team uses a Referral & Escalation group to escalate questions. The agent is tagged in the response. The entire group is searchable so that Team Leads no longer have to hunt through old email threads to find information.

Keep the team together

The CEO's weekly video-streamed "Huddle" is made available in the All Company group for staff who missed the live broadcast because they were on the phones working or not "on shift" at the time. Home and remote workers feel part of the team.

"Our customers succeed when we respond quickly. This is the first communication platform to meet our requirements. It's intuitive and familiar, allowing us to communicate effectively and with speed."

Steve Hennerley

Steve Hennerley


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