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Interacting with the leadership team, from the office to sites and the shop floor



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Teams at Sterlite Power are distributed across many locations and project sites, and struggled to connect and collaborate together.

Challenging geography and distance made it difficult for leadership to track projects and communicate with employees.


90%using Workplace the first week of launch

How Workplace helped

Operational visibility

Teams share videos from drones that scan remote power lines and sites, creating visibility and improving operations.

Boosting the bottom line

Information now flows seamlessly through the company, so decisions can be made quickly, saving money and time.

Powering collaboration

Teams use discussions in Workplace groups to replace in-person meetings, sharing notes and meeting minutes in real-time. Workplace's familiar and intuitive features made adoption easy, with 90% using Workplace the first week of launch.

Focus on culture and talent

Every employee can use Workplace to interact directly with the leadership team from the office to the shop floor. The culture of respect and fun is amplified with the help of Workplace. Regular brainstorming in open groups helps to nurture and uncover talent.

"We have team members in multiple locations, often in challenging terrains with limited connectivity. Workplace helps us all collaborate and allows leadership to feel the pulse of the organisation in real time."

Pratik Agarwal

Pratik Agarwal

Group CEO

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