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Station Casinos is one of the largest gaming, hospitality and entertainment companies in Las Vegas. From butlers to celebrity chefs and housekeeping staff, their workforce is diverse and geographically dispersed. With Workplace, they are connecting people and properties, and helping deliver an excellent brand experience to customers.

How Workplace helped

Bridging the gap between the corporate office and frontline workers

Every year, Station Casinos celebrates Housekeeping Week in September to thank their hard working housekeeping team. Last year, Station Casinos' hotels shared the fun and games of Housekeeping Week with the rest of the company via pictures and Live Video on Workplace, strengthening the bonds between staff in the corporate office and frontline teams.

Building learning communities

With Workplace, Station Casinos has launched several leadership development pilot programmes with the Game Slot and HR divisions, as well as a company-wide learning pilot programme. Participants in leadership development programmes are invited to a private Workplace group where classroom-style discussion takes place, and there is a solid support community beyond the formal programme.

Bringing more delightful moments to work

Executive chefs in Station Casino hotel restaurants create incredible works of art on a plate and share them on Workplace for everyone to see. The events management team shares sneak peeks of famous artists performing live in concert venues. Workplace has allowed people to share and delight in these moments at work, which has boosted employee engagement and morale.

"People actually enjoy using Workplace. It's allowed people to open up and be who they really are, rather than being one way publicly and another way internally."

Fernando Contreras

Fernando Contreras

Vice President of Organizational Development, Station Casinos

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