Spyglass Realty saves 32 hours every month on agent onboarding and training



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Workplace helped Spyglass CEO Ryan Rodenbeck save 32 hours a month on new agent training, and four hours a month on meetings. So he could spend more time helping his customers find the right home.

How Workplace helped

32 hours a month saved on agent training

CEO Ryan Rodenbeck publishes training videos and resources for new hires in Workplace groups before in-person training, freeing up vital time to help customers. Spyglass Realty now saves 32 hours a month on agent training and four hours a month on meetings.

Saving stagers six hours a month using Workplace mobile app

Workplace helps to keep the Spyglass Realty team notified of new properties and allows the CEO to livestream on location. Using live video on the Workplace mobile app saves stagers six hours a month, ensuring more time to visit additional listings.

Seamless collaboration through Workplace groups

When a listed agreement is signed, Spyglass creates a Workplace group, adding the office manager, marketing specialist and virtual assistant. The group houses files, photographs and communications with the seller, so that every component vital to the sale is accessible at a moment's notice.

"The way that we're using Workplace is going to allow our business to grow from a small to medium business. It's going to allow me to, what I call, scale to freedom."

Ryan Rodenbeck

Ryan Rodenbeck

CEO of Spyglass Realty

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