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Softvision is the company responsible for improving the digital maturity of some of the world's leading brands. By providing companies with cutting-edge digital strategy, design and engineering solutions, Softvision enables them to better connect with increasingly tech-savvy consumers.

With 23 studios in 10 different countries, Softvision has a unique, community-based organisational structure. Staff are grouped together in skill-based teams called Guilds, and each Guild is made up of top talent who share the same area of expertise, such as developers, UX designers or engineers. Workplace has built strong bonds between Softvision's global Guild network, and brought about greater innovation and participation in social responsibility activities.


20%reduction in email traffic

94%active users

62%monthly active people

How Workplace helped

Centralising internal communications and assets

Prior to Workplace, Softvision had no common VPN or intranet. Workplace has now become the central communications platform and internal repository for all brand and marketing assets. During Softvision's recent rebrand, Workplace played a crucial role. By sharing new collateral, brand guidelines and corporate templates on Workplace, Softvision was able to ensure that the rebrand had maximum impact and that any questions about it were answered in one central place.

Live video is now used for all company-wide meetings, emails have been converted to Workplace Chat which has reduced email traffic by 20% and the translation tool allows staff in 10 different countries to speak the same language.

Greater social responsibility

Workplace has greatly improved visibility and participation in the social responsibility arm of the business, called Softvision Foundation. There are three main areas that Softvision Foundation donates money and resources to – education, health, and diversity and women's initiatives.

Since creating social responsibility groups on Workplace and sharing photos of volunteering activities, Softvision has noticed a significant increase in the number of people getting involved. From volunteering for summer camp at underprivileged schools in India to donating books and supplies to local schools, Workplace has helped people become much more connected to their local communities, as well as to each other.

Better company-wide innovation

Softvision recently used Workplace to host a company-wide innovation project, called the Innovation Pod Challenge. The aim of the challenge was to encourage people from all areas of the business to come up with new ideas and technology to benefit clients.

First, they created a group for the project, unveiling it by live streaming a video announcement. Over 110 ideas poured into the group from all Guilds, and 13 of the strongest ones were shortlisted. Next, these ideas were pitched to the executive team and lead sales reps via live video. The top three ideas that combined innovation, product insight and business change were chosen, and are now in the process of being brought to life.

"Having seen all sorts of different tools that companies use for a variety of internal communications, training and collaboration, I've never seen a level of intimacy that you get with Workplace. It brings a very dispersed network into a very intimate platform that enables people to not just work together, but actually collaborate and interact together."

- Fausta Ballesteros, Director of Marketing and Communications.

"Easily one of the best decisions we've made as a company is to adopt Workplace by Facebook. It has quickly become our 'go-to' platform for collaboration as well as internal communications. As we have 2,500 employees in 23 offices across 10 countries, it's often hard to maintain a consistent culture. I can use Workplace to hold live 'all staff' meetings, or communicate with a particular client/development group, or even congratulate an employee on a personal milestone. It has helped our corporate culture and brought the company closer together."

Andres Angelani

Andres Angelani

CEO at Softvision

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