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RNIB is a UK charity dedicated to making every day better for everyone affected by sight loss.

Radio is especially important for blind and partially sighted people. RNIB wanted to make it easier to source, create and curate exciting content for its national radio station.

RNIB wanted to improve collaboration and connect everyone across a diverse national organisation.

Employees found it difficult to learn about the organisation. In some cases, staff took valuable knowledge with them when they left.


20%of staff are blind and partially sighted. Thanks to the accessibility tools, they could adopt Workplace.

How Workplace helped


With Workplace's accessibility tools, all RNIB employees are able to better communicate with each other. Blind and partially sighted staff regularly share tips, tricks and solutions.

Crowdsourcing ideas

Staff can connect and meet virtually to suggest story ideas and enhance the content of RNIB Connect Radio.

Retaining institutional knowledge

Workplace has become a searchable information repository so that institutional knowledge can be captured, shared and retained.

Enhancing fundraising

RNIB's fundraising team harnesses the creativity of other colleagues when brainstorming ideas for new campaigns.

"For the first time, all RNIB employees can collaborate, participate and share ideas. We've never had this level of flexibility and accessibility for our blind and partially sighted staff. Workplace has unified different parts of the organisation – cutting through hierarchy."

Clive Gardiner

Clive Gardiner

Group Head of Digital and Content

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