Using Custom Integrations to Revolutionize Work

Oxfam is an international confederation of 20 organizations working together with partners in more than 90 countries. Oxfam works to find practical ways for people to lift themselves out of poverty, and campaigns so that the voices of the poor influence the local and global decisions that affect them.

Why Workplace?

With over 10,000 employees, Oxfam faced the challenge of balancing separate hierarchies and encouraging innovation whilst providing central leadership and decision making. Communication and collaboration across the workforce was also a challenge. With little centrally provisioned IT, different parts of the organization were at different stages in terms of the technology available to them.

Oxfam’s ideal solution was to create a single Active Directory to enable all employees to sign in to the same central IT system. But finding a suitable vendor was proving all but impossible. That’s when Workplace came along and helped to facilitate a solution with Okta. Together, Workplace and Okta offer a unified platform and single sign-on access that's helping revolutionize Oxfam’s approach to getting work done.


“Workplace has been pretty epic. It’s so agnostic to where you are in the world or which IT system you come from. You come in with the same voice. And that’s very empowering for staff, to be in these spaces together as equals.”

Dianna Langley
Digital Workplace Manager, Oxfam


of employees use Workplace every month

From Communication

Initially, Workplace helped to solve one of Oxfam’s core challenges: communication.

Before Workplace, it was hard for people from different affiliates to talk amongst themselves or share intelligence. All they had was traditional (and incredibly siloed) email.

Workplace helped to shine a light on all parts of the business and helped identify a specific Oxfam aid worker who had taken a powerful picture that had gone viral during the Rohingya crisis. But that was just the start.

Through Collaboration

Soon, Workplace was helping Oxfam’s employees collaborate more effectively and get stuff done. Communication in secret groups is replacing email as the main way of working together on projects.

An integration with Box allows a seamless, more structured way of working across multiple tools. The Okta integration simplifies user management by automatically creating users at scale in Workplace based on security groups and other Active Directory attributes.

Which means new members of a project are completely up to speed with very little effort.

Toward Automation

Oxfam is taking another step towards the future of work by integrating its first bots to help address some of its more mundane organizational challenges. OxBot is a jargon-busting bot that will tell employees what specific acronyms mean. It will even provide a link to other internal sources of information to find out more.

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Connect to the tools you’re already using.


Connect to the tools you’re already using.

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