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As a distributed organisation with virtual and physical offices across the US, March of Dimes found it challenging to rely on email and a dated intranet system to inspire its team to effect change. The predominantly one-way communications tool lacked the dynamic agility the organisation desperately needed to improve social connectedness, boost team morale and inspire its staff.

At nearly 80 years old, the charity wanted to modernise its operations and innovate the way groups collaborated across the foundation to promote real-time collaboration.

It also needed more efficient and timely communication for various critical ventures, such as when rallying every office and employee to support or oppose time-sensitive legislation.


96%of staff have adopted Workplace

How Workplace helped

After implementing Workplace, March of Dimes created groups to support its internal and external initiatives.

When a healthcare proposal went before Congress, the charity's lobbying and policy team posted in a group, urging staff to call their members of Congress and oppose the bill. Employees began posting about contacting their representatives and more staff got on board. In the past, email alerts hadn't spurred such an immense response.

"We had the perfect storm of increased virtualisation of our workforce and wanting to be inspirational and transform the organisation at the same time. Workplace gave us a platform to feel connected across the country and infuse inspiration and frequent internal communication back into our culture," explained Jorey Berry, Vice President of Change Management.

Executives also use live video to connect the entire team. For Camp Reimagine, a seven-week virtual conference, each executive broadcast their own sessions, and 875 employees participated in the series of sessions around the nation. Previously, the charity could only hold a one-week event for selected people, but with Workplace, every employee participated to re-imagine March of Dimes' goals for 2017 – and at a fraction of the cost.

To make live video broadcasts even more effective, the IT team built an integration between Workplace and Zoom Video Conferencing. March of Dimes now goes live for most communications and training, and uses the integration to store videos in an easy-to-access repository.

"I hope the Workplace by Facebook team is aware of how they are helping us seamlessly deploy and respond to the American Healthcare Act situation nationally and in real time. Workplace is helping us change the world for mums and babies."

Christopher Maddocks

Christopher Maddocks

Chief Marketing Officer

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