Managing growth while preserving culture





Like any fast-paced, growing business, relies on tight collaboration and communication. They wanted a world of fewer emails, but the tools they'd tried failed to gain adoption.

The company wanted to hold on to their culture, even through exponential growth.

How Workplace helped

Inspiring teams

Colleagues feel closely connected, no matter where they sit in the building. Groups are used to fuel company culture, and inspire staff to meet their objectives.

A picture is worth 1,000 words.

Workplace's support for photos, videos and live broadcast have transformed collaboration for a business so reliant on visual communication.

Market insights reinvented their "competitor watch" email list as a hugely active Workplace group. People post updates of competitor activity, providing valuable insights to the marketing and product teams.

"We're making a great place to work. Our ideas and our inspiration are improving constantly, and we continue to be a company to watch."

Annabel Kilner

Annabel Kilner

Commercial Director

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