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Jugnoo is India's leading on-demand auto-rickshaw app. Founded in 2014, Jugnoo has grown quickly to over 300 employees. Jugnoo's growth created a dynamic work culture.

Email was too time-consuming. Employees needed a simple way to communicate and share quickly. With employees spread across cities, Jugnoo wanted teams to feel closer as they work together.


79%of employees use Workplace on mobile

How Workplace helped

Team collaboration

Teams are closer and more engaged, sharing knowledge more effectively. Workplace makes it easy to find and contact colleagues in different cities to share initiatives and updates. 79% of employees use Workplace on mobile, and regularly use messaging and group voice calls on Workplace Chat.

Visibility = fewer meetings

Groups, Workplace Chat and live broadcasting help keep employees up to date with company news. Workplace eliminates the need for large, time-consuming meetings.

Idea generation

Workplace encourages employees of all levels to share their ideas. A group called "Idea Generation" is the home of new suggestions.

Connection with leadership

Live video gives Town Hall sessions a new, interactive dimension. Employees tune in and connect with the leadership team from wherever they are.

"Workplace helps our business grow through efficient team communication and collaboration across locations and functions. Our employees are independently developing new ideas to drive our dynamic business."

Chinmay Agarwal

Chinmay Agarwal


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