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Ippon is a leading IT consulting firm headquartered in Paris. With 11 offices around the world, Ippon employs almost 400 IT-savvy staff who accelerate the digital roadmap of their customers. For Ippon, using Workplace has unlocked technical knowledge all over the business and boosted their culture of openness and sharing.

How Workplace helped

Real-time communication and knowledge sharing

With Workplace groups, the engineering team now shares technical knowledge and tips that are invaluable for consulting teams. The general management team has also become much closer to employees through shared groups, and vice versa. Within 30 minutes of an important company update being posted on Workplace, half the company is aware of the news and engaging with the post.

Increasing collaboration between global offices by 42%

Almost three-quarters of Ippon's workforce are consultants and regularly need to work at client premises. Workplace helps consultants stay connected when working away from the office, bringing employees closer to the company mission and to each other. With Workplace, collaboration between regional offices has increased by 42%.

Boosting culture and social responsibility initiatives

A number of years ago, Ippon created their own foundation to increase digital literacy among young people in Africa. Ippon volunteers have now set up 12 digital schools in Africa, and Workplace is the tool that they now use to communicate with head office staff about installing computers and other logistics. Volunteers share photos of the schools on Workplace, bringing the whole company closer to this meaningful work.

Ippon Foundation

"The culture of sharing is the most important part of Ippon. We share technology, information and open source. And for us, all of this sharing now happens on Workplace."

Gautier Lavigne

Gautier Lavigne

Marketing Manager, Ippon

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