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A global leader in DNA sequencing, Illumina is working to improve human health by unlocking the power of the genome. The company's analysis tools and systems are enabling genetic studies that were unimaginable even just a few years ago.

But Illumina's innovations go beyond biotechnology. In less than two years, the company has reinvented internal communication and collaboration to make it more open, real-time and authentic – and Workplace has been an essential part of the process.


70%of knowledge and frontline employees active on Workplace every week

3,500employee questions asked and answered on Workplace in 2018

USD 12,500raised by employees via photo contest on Workplace in support of Rare Disease Day

How Workplace helped

Example of how Illumina uses Workplace and BlueJeans to facilitate effective change management

Integrating Workplace and BlueJeans to facilitate effective change management

Illumina's leadership team recognises that change management works best when it involves two-way communication and messaging that is tailored to employees' specific concerns. That's why the team has largely replaced broadcast emails and in-person meetings with Workplace and the BlueJeans video conferencing app. They live-stream presentations targeted to individual Workplace groups, which helps employees better understand how changes will affect them and also gives everyone the chance to ask questions in real time. Employees have the flexibility to view recorded meetings and continue to post thoughts and questions as transitions get underway.

Workplace helps Illumina streamline internal software rollouts

Streamlining internal software rollouts to accelerate ROI

Before Illumina's IT team introduces a new third-party software tool to the company's 7,000+ employees, they use Workplace to facilitate a pilot programme. Pilot testers join a dedicated Workplace group that offers live video demos and tutorials, contests to encourage engagement and a centralised forum for questions and comments. By monitoring members' feedback, the IT team can quickly identify issues, fix bugs and create a communication plan that ensures a smooth rollout to all employees worldwide.

Workplace helped Illumina boost engagement for the global sales meeting

Boosting engagement for the global sales meeting

To help ensure a successful annual sales meeting, Illumina's event team created a Workplace group to build engagement. Prior to the meeting, organisers posted logistics and resources, answered questions and shared video interviews of company leaders discussing their plans for the event, which created buzz and excitement. At the meeting, organisers set up photo stations to encourage attendees to share their experiences on the Workplace group. And for weeks afterwards, participants shared videos and key takeaways to help keep everyone informed and inspired.

Workplace made it easy for Illumina employees to find information by enhancing enterprise search

Making it easy to find information by enhancing enterprise search

One of Illumina's key efforts over the past two years has involved helping employees find information faster. Using API integration, the IT team created a Workplace connector that enables employees to search in one central place to find information contained in multiple sources, including Workplace, SharePoint and the company Intranet. The team also secured searches according to user access, so users only see information from Workplace groups they have access to, including private groups.

Connecting cross-functional teams to create great customer experiences

Illumina's global staff of hundreds of field application engineers and scientists used to share technical questions and tips via email distribution lists. Response times varied, and the format made it difficult to reference information later. Recently, the team set up subject matter expert (SME) Workplace groups for each of the company's core products so that everyone can quickly find support. In one example, an employee in Germany posted an installation question and got answers from colleagues in California and the UK in less than an hour. Discussions are threaded to make knowledge easily accessible, and Workplace manages memberships dynamically to save time and connect people with the information they need.

Personalising Intranet content for employees

To help reduce information overload, Illumina's employee communications team uses Workplace to deliver curated content to employees via the company Intranet. By syncing Workplace groups to employee distribution lists, the team can feed location-specific news and other relevant posts to each employee's home page. The team also feeds Workplace groups into program-specific Intranet sites, such as Communicating@Illumina, so resources and discussions are accessible in one place.

"Illumina is using Workplace to evolve our approach to communication. We've shifted from transactional, siloed, one-way information pushes to global and authentic information sharing that is driving conversation across the business."

Karen Possemato

Karen Possemato

VP, Global Marketing and Communications

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