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As GoPro grew to more than 1,000 employees, individual teams began to embrace tools that worked best for them. Because each team used its own arsenal of tools, organisation-wide and cross-team collaboration and visibility was challenging.

GoPro's management team wanted to invest in a single solution that would not only fulfil the needs of every team in the company, but also bring the entire organisation closer together.

How Workplace helped

GoPro decided to implement Workplace by Facebook to foster collaboration across the entire organisation.

Before adopting Workplace, internal beta testing at GoPro was typically done for small groups of people closest to the product, and the feedback loop was primarily between just the testers and the product team. In recent beta tests, Workplace has extended the reach of the feedback loop, increasing engagement for a broad set of employees who now share feedback in a collaborative environment.

As the team working on GoPro's mobile applications prepared to launch the beta version of a new automated editing feature called QuikStories, they decided to create a QuikStories Feedback Group on Workplace and encouraged employees to use and share their thoughts on the new mobile experience. During the six-week campaign, employees from every department across the organisation offered suggestions for improving the app: from redesigning the home screen, to extending the content lookback window to 72 hours and reordering the way photos and videos are copied to the app. Workplace quickly emerged as an effective platform for gathering and sharing this type of feedback.

"This group made our internal feedback loop incredibly important to the success of QuikStories," says GoPro Programme Manager Ashley Solmose. "We used Workplace to solicit feedback and build internal hype around this new product, and were able to launch a public product that the entire organisation is proud of."

GoPro also utilises Workplace groups to empower its enthusiastic employee base to share general feedback on all products, to leverage the collective personal retail experiences of its global workforce to report on the status of more than 27,000 global POP (point of purchase) retail displays, to choose what questions management will address at all-hands meetings and in a myriad of other ways that help the GoPro workforce feel connected, empowered and prideful for what they represent to the global community of GoPro users. It is also a great platform to showcase the fun and amazing culture that makes GoPro a great place to work.

"Workplace has brought the people of GoPro closer together, fostering global dialogue, cross-departmental collaboration and organisational efficiency. From implementation to optimisation, Workplace is an impressively logical platform that is easy for users to understand and requires little to no on-board training. As we grow with Workplace, we look forward to unlocking and utilising the feature-rich offerings to better connect our workforce."

Christopher Clark

Christopher Clark

Director of Communications

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