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As Golin's global family grew, the agency recognised its legacy intranet was holding employees back from doing their best work. The rigid, text-dominant system didn't match the fluid communication style of its teams, offered virtually no mobile functionality and didn't integrate with its third-party systems.

Most employees couldn't publish content directly and collaborate one to one or one to many on client projects, and all information was served up to every employee regardless of its value based on individual roles. Because employees couldn't assemble and share content on their own with team members, company-wide collaboration began to suffer. There had to be a better way.


3xmore employees regularly use Workplace

55%more content is published on Workplace

How Workplace helped

More than 70% of Golin employees are under the age of 30, yet the company was using an internal communication tool developed more than a decade ago. To modernise its communications, the management team bet big on Workplace.

Golin's worldwide team immediately embraced Workplace's familiar experience – in less than 24 hours after launch, employees had created over 200 groups. They use these to gather everyone involved in a project, making it easier to share ideas, collect feedback and update those who join halfway through.

Golin's executive team also created a series of groups. Its co-CEOs created a CEO+ group to share their vision for the company and plan action items. They use video to share news through the Golin Announcements group, and hold themselves accountable for action by sharing commitments and progress.

"Every Golin family member must have access to and support from leaders. Workplace has helped our management team stay visible and attentive across our global workforce," explained Jeff.

Workplace has helped Golin maintain its open, collaborative culture through accelerated sharing and problem-solving across geographies and operating units.

"In the past, client work was managed through emails, phone calls and in-person discussions. Critical information was often locked in inboxes or in individuals' heads instead of being shared across teams. By unlocking information through Workplace groups, our teams are more collaborative than ever before, and spend less time sending emails to individuals and more time problem-solving at a group level."

Jeff Beringer

Jeff Beringer

Global Head of Digital

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