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FIT4MOM's unique business model allows mums to start and operate a FIT4MOM franchise business from their homes while raising their children. The programme offers workouts to women at all stages of motherhood. With numerous franchises located across the US, FIT4MOM was finding it hard to keep its franchise owners and instructors connected and informed.

Its existing communications tool was clunky and couldn't be accessed on mobile, so adoption was sparse. Emails were over-used and inboxes were flooded, so important information was often missed.

Because FIT4MOM needed quick mobile access for on-the-go mum-owners, the business knew it had to find an easy-to-use communications tool with mobile capability to connect and access the community in real time.


85%decrease in email use

76%growth in revenue

How Workplace helped

The fitness organisation used Workplace to improve communication between its growing group of 300 franchise owners, 1,500 fitness instructors and its management team.

FIT4MOM created groups for its franchisees to explore ideas, discuss challenges and share wins. The group that connects all franchisees has become a crucial resource, where franchisees draw on the experiences and support of a community of mums running a FIT4MOM business. Here, they learn best practices on how to operate, market and grow their business.

Franchisees post successful workout ideas that help others benefit. When a top franchisee launched a new programme, she shared how she put it together and increased sign-ups by extending the programme to Saturdays. Another franchisee used a promo idea she saw in the group and reported how it had helped quickly fill up her classes.

Members also show how they're using tools like live video and marketing channels like Instagram. One proprietor shared a marketing video that had performed exceptionally. Another described how she uses Instagram to promote her franchise and increase memberships, inspiring others to evolve their marketing strategies.

With Workplace, FIT4MOM has streamlined its internal communications to decrease emails by 85%. It now uses live video for announcements, reminders, workout ideas and real-time crowd-sourcing and decision-making. In a recent survey to all franchisees, Workplace ranked as the no. 1 most valuable resource that management provided to its franchisees.

"We are a company powered by women and mums. We are 100% mobile in our business, and need systems and apps to keep up with us. The Workplace app sold the concept to our users immediately."

Ash Robinson

Ash Robinson


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