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Central FamilyMart is a household name in Thailand, with over 1,100 shops throughout the country. It's parent company, Central Group, employs 14,000 people, but found it challenging to forge a sense of community and connectivity among its staff. It could take up to three weeks for news, updates and promotional initiatives to reach shops and sometimes the information was inaccurate.

Staff did not have a consistent or clear understanding of promotion initiatives or product descriptions, resulting in a lack of motivation to roll out changes.

FamilyMart needed to go from slow and inaccurate to real-time feedback and reporting. They needed communication among staff, between shops and the head office to deliver efficiencies and a competitive advantage. Workplace presented an easy-to-use platform for sharing promotional updates and new products allowing staff and management to receive prompt feedback across teams.


+87%of entire company on Workplace

Ten-foldincrease in speed to market of new innovation

How Workplace helped

Prompt feedback and support across the company

Workplace has become a touchpoint for knowledge sharing, feedback and, ultimately, offers a sense of community and support across shops. When faced with difficult situations, employees are free to report to the head office via Workplace Store support group, instead of the call centre, allowing for immediate support and feedback.

From idea to sales

With Workplace, the company has managed to share information as if staff were face to face, enabling faster decision-making and more personal and immediate feedback. This seamless flow of communications has allowed FamilyMart to capitalise on their innovative business offerings, such as the introduction of Alipay to target the Chinese tourists, which has contributed significantly to sales.

Bring employees closer together

FamilyMart staff have gained a central hub with Workplace to access and share information about the latest inventory and promotions, weekly action plans and sales operations. Dedicated Workplace groups now serve as a repository of best practices, insights and information. Staff can refer to self-improvement or professional development resources as well as share concerns during daily huddles which are discussed and resolved directly by colleagues on Workplace.

"With Workplace, teams can be formed quickly and we can make decisions with immediate impact."

Akarin Phureesitr

Akarin Phureesitr

Head of Corporate Human Resources, FamilyMart

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