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Leading market research company Critical Mix knows what customers want. With offices in Europe, Asia and North America, Critical Mix has its finger on the pulse of global market trends and consumer insights.

Its young, tech-savvy workforce was using a random assortment of tools for different tasks such as chat, project management and conference calls. That's when Critical Mix came knocking on Workplace's door in search of a modern, mobile collaboration platform.

When asked the question 'Why Workplace?', co-CEO Keith Price answered, "We want to kill email." And it's clear that Critical Mix has gained much more than that since rolling out Workplace. They've gained better productivity, a repository for company IP in secure closed and secret groups, and the automation of mundane and time-consuming tasks using bots. This has helped them "act bigger than they are from Day One" and reduced email traffic by 25%.


25%reduction in email traffic

95%weekly active people

85%monthly mobile adoption

How Workplace helped

Automation with Aime bot

For a rapidly growing startup, the manual tasks of onboarding, file version control and training were becoming taxing and time-consuming. The solution for Critical Mix came in the form of a chatbot called Aime.

When a new starter joins the company, Aime can provide them with all the necessary onboarding documentation via Workplace Chat. She can also talk people through the forms and answer many frequently asked questions. Automation via the Aime bot has significantly alleviated the load on internal teams.

Aime has also become the oracle of information and company assets. She provides everything from company-branded PowerPoint templates and expense forms, to live company updates, to responses about the weather, in an instant.

Improving the speed of work and decision-making

As a company that trades in large volumes of survey data, an integration with file sharing platform Dropbox made sense. Critical Mix's integration with Dropbox allows large files to be shared seamlessly in the same place as conversations about them. By using Dropbox in groups, teams now have access to a centralised history of project-related information that is searchable at any time.

In addition, Workplace Chat is now the main tool of communication for teams. The centralisation of communication and integrations has resulted in better teamwork and faster decision-making. Being able to send and receive instant messages with any colleague in the business has significantly reduced the back and forth involved in making decisions on projects.

Bringing remote teams together

Workplace has helped bring disparate teams and people together, including people who work from home or on the road.

From remote workers sharing pictures of their office of the day, to the CEOs sharing posts from conferences, to designated 'fun committees' posting about upcoming social activities, Workplace has made people feel connected. As a result, the employee experience team has seen a significant increase in programmes such as volunteering and cross-company mentoring.

"Workplace is one of the best investments we've made for the health of our culture. Our company's values of inclusion and community come to life in our all-company group. This environment provides the opportunity for collaboration, in turn driving better outcomes and innovations for our clients."

– Keith Price, Co-CEO at Critical Mix.

"Our global teams needed a solution for real-time conversations rather than the back and forth of email. Workplace is that real-time communication solution that allows our global teams to work together across time zones and geographies. With the addition of Aime, our Workplace chatbot, employees can quickly access important information and files on the go."

Hugh Davis

Hugh Davis

Co-CEO at Critical Mix

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