"Don't email me, I'm only on Workplace"

Cookie Time Group has been making New Zealand's favourite cookies for more than 35 years. Alongside the flagship Cookie Time brand, established in 1983, this iconic family-owned New Zealand business has a portfolio of treat, snack and functional foods which also includes Bumper and OSM.

Connecting employees

The business is focused on innovation and quality across both its domestic and international operations. The international company operates flagship experience stores – “Cookie Muncher Cookie Bars” – in New Zealand and Japan, as well as online retail channels. Cookie Time has a team of more than 150 employees, 50 independent franchisees and more than 6,000 retail partners.


“Don't email me, I'm only on Workplace.”

Guy Pope-Mayell
CEO, Cookie Time Group


reduction in daily email traffic
of staff are thinking mobile-first

Reducing email traffic

Employees at Cookie Time Group have been relying mostly on email for the past 15 years. Before Workplace, management staff would receive an average of 100 emails per day, which was leading to email fatigue and becoming a serious operational and cultural inhibitor. Now that the bulk of communications have shifted to Workplace, that number of daily emails has dropped on average to just 10.

Condensing 8 work tools into 1

Before Workplace, teams were using a number of unintegrated tools, including Firstclass, Asana and Skype. As Workplace is now the go-to place for reporting, group chats and video conferencing, they have been able to condense eight work tools into just one. Multi-company groups make it much easier to collaborate with external suppliers and get real-time feedback. More than 87% of Cookie Time employees use Workplace every week, working together in the one place to drive the business forward.

Collaborating from anywhere

The Workplace mobile app has allowed high levels of collaboration and connection at Cookie Time. From desk-less workers at the Cookie Bars to workers on the factory floor, many employees have adopted a mobile-first approach and use Workplace on their mobile device. 96% of staff at Cookie Time have downloaded the mobile app, sharing ideas, customer feedback and team information to drive their strong organisational culture.

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