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For hundreds of families in Scotland that support children with life-shortening conditions, Children's Hospices Across Scotland, better known as CHAS, is the place they turn to for ongoing care. CHAS is a non-profit organisation that provides palliative care to children, and is Scotland's national children's hospice service.

For the volunteers who donate their time to CHAS, there is strength in numbers. Workplace has united CHAS's network of 850 volunteers and created a collaborative community where people can easily find important information and resources. From the volunteers raising money in remote areas of the Scottish Highlands to the care volunteers and therapists powering two hospices on opposite sides of the country, Workplace has connected CHAS' group of passionate and purposeful volunteers.


4xincrease in survey response rate using a Workplace bot

1/2The Fundraising team hits their targets in half the time with Workplace

£6,000The Fundraising team raised £6,000 by promoting donation tins on Workplace

How Workplace helped

Bringing greater impact and immediacy to their cause

Like many non-profits, CHAS's dispersed network of volunteers was very siloed. Workplace has given people unprecedented access to the meaningful work that the volunteering teams do every day and the families whose lives they touch. The CEO can now thank volunteers individually and relay their stories to clients, press and people making financial donations.

An open group called "Volunteering Opportunities" gives everyone in the business a chance to sign up for fundraising events, which has resulted in the fundraising team hitting their targets in half the time. For staff in the offices, shops and hospices, Workplace Chat enables them to connect with their large volunteer base much more easily than via email or a call. In just two weeks, CHAS raised £6,000 by putting a request on Workplace for volunteers to put collection tins in the front of their local shops.

Automation through CHAS Bot and Survey Bot

Greater visibility through Workplace resulted in more than just better teamwork. The volunteering team uncovered a wealth of skills within their volunteer base that they never knew existed. One volunteer with a passion for coding created CHAS's first ever bot. CHAS Bot is a simple chat bot that's programmed to answer FAQs from volunteers, such as where they can source equipment for running their own fundraising events and how they can find out about upcoming activities.

CHAS also integrated with Survey Bot to automate the process of sending out volunteer surveys via email. Since the launch of Survey Bot, CHAS has increased their average survey response rate fourfold.

A simple solution to better internal communication

Prior to Workplace, volunteers had been crying out for a better digital solution to internal communication. CHAS has an extremely diverse group of volunteers – ranging from people in their early teens to late 90s – so finding a platform that was accessible to three generations was their main challenge.

With all the familiar features of Facebook, it was the older generation (who use Facebook to connect with family) that took to Workplace most quickly. Volunteers from all areas of the business connect and communicate more easily than ever before, sharing ideas and inspiration about how to enrich the lives of the children, which is at the heart of everything CHAS does.

"Before Workplace, I would only have the opportunity to meet volunteers when out and about at CHAS sites, but now I can connect with those volunteering remotely all over the country, better understanding their roles and joining them in celebrating their successes. Workplace has enabled us to create a thriving online community for our volunteers and I'm delighted that they have taken to it with such enthusiasm."

Maria McGill

Maria McGill


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