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How Workplace helped

Better communication, less confusion

BRAC struggled with finding a way to share major announcements with every employee at once.

Need for real-time response

BRAC lacked a real-time platform to coordinate global response in times of crisis.

Transparency and authentic leadership

BRAC created a group to share messages from the executive director and gather feedback on major announcements and plans. One such post cleared misconceptions about a specific tax ruling.

Bridging management and field

BRAC uses groups for programme teams to communicate, such as for the "emergency response" team helping the districts of Bangladesh suffering from flooding. District representatives share updates in real time and post photos, allowing senior management to witness the situation and quickly provide guidelines to field staff.

"Workplace helps our organisation coordinate to bring help to people in need and make real-time decisions that affect lives."

Kam Morshed

Director, Advocacy for Social Change

Technology and Partnership Strengthening Unit

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