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Each of Blackberry Farm's departments – from its craft beer brewery to its spa – bear the Blackberry name, but have their own goals and objectives, specific to their unique industries. Because of these distinct goals, each team was inadvertently closing themselves off from other Blackberry divisions.

The fact that many Blackberry employees work in the field or in secluded locations with no access to a computer certainly didn't help nurture open communication; neither did the thousands of acres between the farm, the brewery, the spa and the resort.

The Blackberry Farm team wanted to change that. The management team wanted to ensure each member of the organisation was connected, comfortable interacting with one another and able to share ideas and information – no matter their division.


70%of its in-the-field staff use the Workplace mobile app

4xfaster beer label creation process

How Workplace helped

Since implementing Workplace by Facebook, Blackberry Farm has successfully connected all 500 of its staff members. More than 85% of all employees actively use the platform, including 74% of people who don't have regular access to a computer, such as brewmasters and groundskeepers. The team uses Workplace Chat for quick communication. If a guest misses their taxi to the neighbouring Blackberry Farm spa, the resort's front desk staff can now send a message to the spa staff, informing them that the guest will be late.

Before Workplace, the front desk team would send an email to their spa counterparts and cross their fingers that they'd see it in time. And, because most of the team uses the Workplace mobile app, they're able to reach one another through Workplace Chat, no matter where they are.

Blackberry Farm also created groups in Workplace to encourage collaboration and speed up innovation. The brewery team recently shared early designs for its new craft beer labels, and welcomed feedback from teams across all departments. With that level of input, the brewery team finalised the design for its labels four times faster than usual!

The entire Blackberry team uses Workplace to share feedback on everything from menu items to spa schedules. This increased collaboration has made it easier for the team to uphold its sterling reputation for unparalleled customer service and amazing Southern American hospitality.

"Workplace created a huge database of easy communication across all departments, and our department teams created individual groups to reduce emails for better communication. Now, all team members have access to group and event agendas, work schedules and HR information to ensure they are well-informed. This has not only improved communication and collaboration, but improved staff satisfaction. We couldn't be happier."

Nick Dibartolomeo

Nick Dibartolomeo

Vice President, Finance and Technology

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