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Birds Barbershop was finding it difficult to manage internal communications across its multiple locations. Business decisions were made quickly, yet implementing these across nine salons and 170 employees was taking a long time.

Moreover, with team members using just email and phone to communicate, there was less transparency. Because of this, it was often not possible to implement timely solutions in instances of changes or deviations from routine.

Operations, training and development were beginning to suffer, and team members were feeling disconnected from their colleagues.

Birds Barbershop needed a way to improve its real-time communications to better drive decision-making and operations, while also creating a strong sense of connection among its stylists.

How Workplace helped

Birds Barbershop began using Workplace by Facebook to better support its staff, enable a mobile workforce and promote a culture of knowledge sharing.

Using Groups, the salon connected its teams across all its shops to help them become more efficient. For example, creating a group for each salon has transformed shift swapping. Barbers and teams swiftly communicate and coordinate across the salons to identify an available specialist to fill a shift. Also, a busy salon can get a barber from another salon that's reported being slow.

The shops also wanted to quickly communicate the need for urgent shop repairs that if delayed can result in a loss of business – such as when the AC shuts down. With Workplace, the salons get speedy in-store support for such crucial repairs. Shop Directors use the Birds Improvements group to inform management about plumbing or electrical issues so it can arrange maintenance before the problem worsens.

Staying true to its quirky Austin roots, Birds also uses live video in its Instabirds group to train its staff on what Birds is best known for: great customer service and edgy hair trends. Stylists also showcase their artistry with colour treatments and technical haircut designs, often developing an entire training session to educate and inspire fellow artists about a unique styling technique.

"Workplace has brought our employees closer together; they are communicating better and the shops are running more smoothly than ever, which is reflected in our growing revenues."

Jayson Rapaport

Jayson Rapaport


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