Building seamless intra-bank communication

Bank of Ryukyus has 2,000 employees and 75 branches throughout Japan.

With branches all over Okinawa, Japan, Bank of Ryukyus (BOR) found itself operating in silos.

In addition, employees relied on phone calls and emails, which inhibited efficient communication between offices to discuss ideas and share knowledge. What the bank needed was a platform that encouraged seamless collaboration throughout.

Makoto Irei, Head of Media Strategy for BOR, suggested to implement Workplace after understanding that the solution would be able to streamline BOR’s processes on a single platform and in real-time — enhancing productivity, facilitating easy communication and generating greater customer value.


"Our job candidates seem to be most interested in our use of Workplace. Students are attracted to the contrast between their [traditional] image of a bank and the fact that we use a social enterprise collaboration tool from Facebook. The progressiveness of this tool as well as the Facebook brand is helping us not only improve our service quality but also the perception of our bank."

Makoto Irei
Head of Media Strategy, Bank of the Ryukyus


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Fostering collaboration across branches

With over 1,448 staff across 75 branches all over Okinawa, BOR management found that its offices operated in silos. To foster cross-office interaction, Workplace features like Live Video were utilized, enabling the live-streaming of meetings, so BOR employees — no matter where they were — could participate.

Employees are also encouraged to post customer compliments on the company’s News Feed to share with fellow colleagues and promote positivity within the team. This also gives BOR employees the opportunity to educate their teammates on the approach taken to receive the compliments during live-streamed meetings.

Simplifying decision-making for increased efficiency

BOR’s existing decision-making hierarchy made for a lengthy, complex approval process. This reduced employee efficiency and took time away from what mattered: building lasting relationships with customers.

Leveraging Workplace Group Chat, BOR streamlined its approval process — bringing stakeholders into the discussion right from the start. In simplifying the process, the bank saw a reduction in phone calls, time spent and the operational cost for each transaction, amounting to greater savings. BOR focused on closing the existing digital gap within by training employees on the use of Workplace and providing them with smartphones to encourage the use of the mobile app as a preferred method for communication.

Sharing critical information when natural disasters strike

As Okinawa is often affected by typhoons, Workplace’s Groups feature has become integral in BOR’s emergency services process such as delivering instructions efficiently about office closures and the damages inflicted on bank amenities — keeping the team informed in real-time.

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