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The AirAsia Group services an extensive network across Asia and Australia, and comprises 9 airline affiliates. It has 22,000 employees (the "AirAsia Allstars") from 16 different nationalities. It has operations in 5 countries and operates 1,300 flights every day.

As an organisation that is moving fast and growing even faster, it was looking for a platform that would help join people together and make the workflow more effective than ever before. Using Workplace, AirAsia is now able to connect people to familiar tools that enable better sharing of ideas and new ways of working together.


The impact of Workplace at AirAsia is best summed up by a recent note from its founder, Tony Fernandes:

Tony Fernandes: "By the end of the month, I will be closing my email account... You can contact me on Workplace Chat."

How Workplace helped

Helping people overcome language barriers

Using auto-translation in Workplace Groups enables everyone to be part of the conversation. Translation at the click of a button is making it easy for AirAsia employees to understand exactly what's happening across the organisation. It's also empowering people to break down silos, share ideas and collaborate wherever they are. 22,000 AirAsia Allstars are now spending more time delivering even better results for customers

Joining disparate workers together across airports (and continents)

AirAsia operations teams use Groups and Workplace Chat to connect people from the apron to the terminal and at airports across Asia and Australia. The Workplace tools help make interdependent people and teams more effective, and have a noticeable impact on improving KPIs such as on-time performance.

The deployment of Workplace has been "revolutionary" for AirAsia's pilots. They use Groups to get accurate information about changes to flights. This enables pilots to react more quickly, helps operations teams to solve problems in real time and is more efficient than using email distribution lists.

Communicating critical industry information to everyone

A great example of this is the AirAsia Foundation – the group's social enterprise arm. One of its key initiatives was to raise awareness about the issues of trafficking across the AirAsia network, and to give staff the right information and tools to report any suspicious activities.

The solution was to make the AirAsia Foundation a "personality" on Workplace with its own profile. Everyone in the organisation now follows the Foundation, which ensures that nobody misses important updates, while people can easily access vital information on their phones

"Workplace is changing the way we work and helping us connect people better."

o Atila Emam

Attila Emam

Head of Culture and Internal Communications

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