Why the workplace is picking up the pace

by Mike Sharkey

Life is more streamlined and on-demand than ever. Millennials now expect this speed and immediacy at work, too.

In the second of our series of films, Workplace and Canvas8 explore how new technologies have put speed at the top of the priority list. We look at how Gen Y has come of age in the on-demand economy and why they now expect new levels of immediacy in the workplace.

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So many tools in our everyday lives keep us in direct and immediate contact with people all over the world. It's instant communication and instant gratification. It's changed everything in our personal lives.

And it's already redefining work. In factories, workshops, offices and out in the field. The speed of communication and the desire to connect instantly is translating to the workplace and transforming how people get work done.

The on-demand workplace

But it's not just a story about technology. It's a story about people. Millennials don't necessarily want different things from work than any other generation. It's how they want it.

And when the work tools they use are inferior to the ones they're used to elsewhere, then organisations have a problem. It's a brave business that frustrates and alienates 35% of its workforce.

On-demand expectations are still evolving. They're challenging organisations to be ever more receptive to new ways of working.

And they present an opportunity for the companies willing to embrace a new breed of employee – one that's empowered by technology to focus on more immediate impact and quicker results.

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