What's new in Workplace? February 2019

by Sabrina Morsello

Workplace Chat and group sync, custom admin roles and live video in Events. Here's our monthly round-up of all the latest Workplace product announcements.

At Facebook, "Ship Love" has been an important value of our product teams for many years now. When building something new, we make sure that it is simple to use and helps you get work done. In February, in honour of Valentine's Day, Workplace shipped a lot of love your way. Take a look at what's new.

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Teams & Projects groups now sync with Workplace Chat

Colleagues on Workplace often use a mix of chat and Teams & Projects groups to collaborate and work together. We want to make the experience of moving between chat and posts as seamless as possible.

We've redesigned the Teams & Projects group type so that when you create this type of group, a chat is automatically synced with it. Chat and group members stay in sync as people join and leave so that conversations can move easily between the two.

We believe the ability to chat in real time within these groups will make it even easier for teams to work together by providing a simple way for colleagues to stay in touch throughout the day.

Groups and Workplace Chat now sync

Groups and Workplace Chat now sync

There are some changes to Teams & Projects groups to allow for this:

  • The group can have up to 250 members
  • The group and chat will have the same synced members, name and cover photo
  • There are no group moderators, only group admins
  • Teams & Projects groups do not allow for automated group membership such as "Add Teams to Groups"
  • Group admins can detach the chat at any time, changing the group to a discussion group

Custom admin roles

We're excited to share that we've rebuilt Workplace admin roles and permissions for our premium customers to be more flexible, clear and easy to use. We've completely redesigned the Administrators tab in the Admin Panel – a top request from many of our Workplace system administrators.

Custom admin roles

Custom admin roles

System admins will now see two sections in the Administrators tab: Admins and roles. On the Admins tab, system admins can view all admins and add, remove or edit any admin's access.

On the Roles tab, system admins can combine different admin permissions to create custom roles. The four admin roles in Workplace today will remain as preset roles and there'll be no change to your existing admins' roles.

Indicating important messages in Workplace Chat

We are now making it easier to focus attention on important messages on Workplace Chat with @everyone and @here.

Use @here in your chat message if you need the attention of people who are actively working in one of your group chats. It's perfect for when you don't want to bother others who are unavailable. Use @everyone in your chat message if you need to notify everyone in a group chat. You can reserve this feature for the messages that matter to everyone.

Live in Events

Live video is one of the most powerful and engaging ways of interacting on Workplace. Before today, Live video was only available within a group or on the timeline. Today, we're introducing the ability to stream Live into an event so you can reach a specific audience so you can maximise attendee experience and minimise the disruption for other group members.

To get started, simply go into a Workplace event. On the post composer, you'll see a new option: "Live Video". Click on it and select the source for your broadcast. Click "Go Live" and you're all set.

This is similar to when you stream into a group, so you can connect Workplace to various sources to enhance viewer experience.

New Reactions

We have refreshed our reactions to make them more modern, dynamic and expressive. Don't worry, the types of reactions are still the same but the new designs bring a consistent experience across our products.

Safety Check for Workplace

The power of Safety Check is now available on Workplace to bring work communities together when it's most important. Safety Check is a new way for organisations to send notifications to employees and take action on their responses in real time.

Although we hope you never have to use Safety Check, you now have the power to connect with employees across the world in case an emergency arises. Safety Check is now available to all premium Workplace customers.

As Workplace is already the place where people go to stay informed, many customers such as Delta Airlines, T-ROC and AstraZeneca have seen massive value in integrating it into employee safety programmes.

Safety Check for Workplace

Safety Check for Workplace

Take a look at our guide to uplevelling your employee safety programme with Workplace - it includes best practices for implementing Safety Check.

Read the blog post or the product page to learn more about how Safety Check for Workplace can change the way your organisation handles crises. Or get your product questions answered in our Help Centre.

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