How one university is using Workplace to combat environmental issues

by Laura Hanrahan

Founded in 1991, Australian Catholic University (ACU) is a national, non-profit university on a mission to transform communication in tertiary education.

Even worse, they seem unhappy with you, although you can't see what you've done to offend them.

Sometimes, the problem isn't what you're communicating, but the way you're doing it. People have different communication styles. And it might be that yours doesn't match with your colleague's.

Workplace has introduced a new kind of peer-to-peer dialogue and collaboration that has never existed at the university before. It has also allowed the internal communications team to invigorate their communications strategy, moving away from traditional email campaigns and newsletters towards posts in Workplace groups that achieve much higher levels of engagement.

One of their most inspiring uses of Workplace is as a platform to champion environmental sustainability. ACU's National Sustainability Manager, Mark Doggett, used Workplace to rally university staff together and counteract the issue of landfill caused by disposable coffee cups.

Mark created the group 'Sustainability @ ACU', which gained strong traction across internal departments. His regular posts in the group often used humour to encourage interaction in the form of likes, comments and suggestions, and gave a real sense of immediacy and urgency to the issue. Within two and a half months, Mark and his colleagues were able to convince all cafe operators on ACU campuses to offer people a discount on using reusable cups, instead of their environmentally harmful counterpart.

Workplace is proud to support the meaningful work that educational institutions do every day. With Workplace for Good, educational institutions such as ACU have full Workplace Premium membership for free, along with the features, support and enterprise-grade security that comes with it.

To find out more about how ACU uses Workplace, read their full story here. Then, see for yourself and try Workplace Premium free for 90 days.

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