Flow 2018 session spotlight: From stack to suite

As part of our ongoing series in the run-up to Flow, the first global leadership summit from Workplace, we introduce you to the hot takes and discussions that'll be happening on the day. Next up, From Stack to Suite

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A new breed of SaaS founders is challenging the all-you-can-eat approach of traditional enterprise software. It's no longer about selling a vast portfolio of unasked for applications to overwhelmed CIOs.

The future is lean, agile and best of breed. It's visionary businesses providing depth instead of breadth; integration in place of lock-ins.

For the From Stack to Suite panel, we'll be joined by leaders from three visionary businesses who have transformed the way they buy, deploy and manage software thanks to the best-of-breed mindset.

We'll learn what it takes to build and scale a best-of-breed enterprise business, and why this fundamental change in approach has proved so successful.

Session host Lesley Lloyd-Young leads the Workplace Global Enterprise team and has a long history building and scaling teams in high-growth environments.

She is passionate about customer value creation, using data and operating metrics that drive a business forwards and accelerating team performance.

There's no denying the impact that Aaron Levie, CEO of the billion-dollar cloud-computing company Box has had on the SaaS industry.

And by partnering with other leading technology companies Aaron and his dedicated team have been able to turn his ambitious company vision into an impressive reality.

Sun Life Financial is dedicated to helping clients achieve lifetime financial security and a healthier life, and as Chief Technology Officer, this is something Rahul Sekhon knows more than a thing or two about.

His unique knowledge helps the business with customer insight building, strategy development and various other services.

As Chief People Officer at Atlassian, Helen Russell has global responsibility for the attraction, engagement, development and experience of the company's most important asset – its people.

With a growing employee base, Helen enables Atlassian to scale, while retaining the very elements that have made the company so successful to date.

At Flow, our panellists will be discussing purposeful yet strategic moves in an overwhelming digital world. As CPO, Helen says "If your people feel accepted, it will help the work get done."

But how do you instil a real sense of shared purpose in your team? "The days of the lone genius are long gone," says Helen. "Productivity and innovation lie in the hands of skilled teams that can effectively collaborate to create the future.

In this session, we'll explore the impact that these newly procured and implemented technologies are having on people's ability to collaborate.

What is Flow?

What is Flow?

Flow is Workplace's global leadership summit, taking place on Tuesday, 9 October 2018 at Hotel Nia, Menlo Park, CA.

Together with customers and best-of-breed partners such as Walmart, Vodafone, Box and Okta, we'll discuss the ways that businesses can connect people to their organisation's purpose, unlock their true potential and empower them to do their best work.

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