Four effective ways to share work updates with employees

Here are a four effective ways to keep people informed wherever they work.

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Regular work updates are a vital part of business communication, especially in hybrid teams or when people work remotely.

How do you keep everyone up to date with changes within the business, projects, progress and the real-time business news that can impact your organisation?

Here are four ways to share work updates that ensure everyone stays connected, no matter where they are.

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From informing everyone about the return to the office to adopting a hybrid way of working, Workplace makes work more simple.

A daily call

A daily call

A daily call in the morning, where everyone dials in and shares their news, is one of the most straightforward and effective ways to keep the whole team up to date.

Why does it work? A call, which you can make from your work desk, a meeting room or a remote location, is less disruptive and more accessible than a physical meeting. It allows people to dial in from other branches or from home.

But why stop with a phone call? Modern technology enables people to achieve lots of things using only their smartphone. And business meetings are no different.

Using Workplace Chat to connect to an HD video call with up to 50 participants allows you to take part in real-time meetings. It can replace the need for a face to face and help people connect with work updates wherever they are.

Weekly stand-up

Weekly stand-up

The weekly stand-up is a tried and tested method of keeping people up to date that remains popular with advocates of agile working.

The stand-up is where everyone gathers in a common space every week or every day to discuss projects and share updates face-to-face.

Why does it work? A weekly stand-up brings all employees and managers together for a short period each week.

70% of employees say they'd like to spend more time with their managers, so it's a good way to make that happen and still share relevant and real-time business news.

And modern collaboration platforms can enhance the weekly stand-up. Teams are using bots in Workplace to make these daily or weekly meetings more productive and less time consuming.

Video updates

Video updates

First, organisations used a printed newsletter to share regular business updates with employees. Then it evolved into an email version via unwieldy distribution lists. But now, these formats no longer fit with millennials' need for speed.

These Gen Y-ers want their work communications as streamlined as they are in the rest of their lives. That’s where regular video communication comes in.

Why does it work? Video updates can be personal as well as succinct. Plus, they're delivered in a format that's increasingly popular – video is predicted to make up 75% of mobile traffic by 2023.

Using Workplace also enables you to use live video to broadcast to your whole organisation. It's more immediate, direct and personal than traditional company comms.

And it gives people the opportunity to engage with your content in real time, or watch later in a group or via News Feed.

Workplace News Feed

Workplace News Feed

Having a news feed, where employees can access real-time business news and information, is one of the best ways to keep everyone up to date.

It's a method favoured by global companies with disparate workforces such as Starbucks.

Why does it work? Company-wide information feeds like News Feed in Workplace allow employees to access a constant stream of relevant company information.

News Feed uses advanced AI to show people company updates from the individuals and projects they care about in a scrolling stream of posts.

You can also use additional integrations with news services such as Bloomberg and Reuters to stream external real-time business updates into your chosen groups.

And as a mobile-first tool, it’s another way of making sure that you can share business updates that connect everyone wherever they do their work.

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