Oxfam case study: Using custom integrations to revolutionise work

by Andrew Garney

Oxfam is using Workplace to connect people to the business tools they use every day. And it's a powerful combination.

With over 10,000 employees, Oxfam faced the challenge of balancing separate hierarchies and encouraging innovation whilst providing central leadership and decision making. In this case study, we explore how using Workplace is helping Oxfam overcome these challenges and why Workplace has become the glue that holds Oxfam's IT ecosystem together.

What's in the case study?

  • How Workplace + Okta integration is helping Oxfam create single sign-on for everyone
  • Why Workplace integration with Box enables Oxfam's people to collaborate at speed and at scale
  • How Oxfam is using bots to automate routine organisational challenges

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