How Workplace News Feed keeps employees in the loop

by Amy Simpson

News Feed is a personalised guide to what's going on in your organisation. So you can keep up to date with the information that matters – without getting distracted by the rest.

Businesses run on information, but it's easy to get overwhelmed. News Feed uses advanced AI to show you updates from the people and projects you care about in a scrolling stream of posts.

So you can stay connected to your work, your team and the heart of your organisation.

The information you need. And nothing more

News Feed will also make sure that your posts get seen by the right people at the right time. And with likes, comments and reactions, you can get instant feedback on the pulse of the business.

But don't just take our word for it. CEOs love News Feed because it helps them stay truly connected to the rest of the organisation.

"It's the very first thing I check in the morning. I look at the things people post all over the world. It keeps me in touch."

– Brad Jacobs, CEO XPO Logistics

"It was a real pleasure to browse through the company News Feed every day and see a renovated shop, and the confidence from staff in the revamp and growth plans."

– Hans Hoegstedt, CEO, Miroglio Fashion

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