Six use cases for live video in your organisation

by Laura Hanrahan

Live video isn't just for announcements by the MD. Here's how to make the most of it.

Live video is an effective way to communicate messages quickly throughout your entire organisation. It also makes people feel part of the action wherever they are in the world.

Live video is also one of the biggest growth areas online – Cisco expect it to account for nearly 13% of all Internet video traffic by 2021. So it's not surprising that it's an increasingly important communications tool for many companies.

Live video in Workplace

People use Workplace live video to broadcast directly to their entire project group, team or company, wherever they are. And with real-time feedback in the form of comments or reactions, it's an effective way to bring people together and develop relationships.

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You can broadcast live video messages to specific groups or to everyone in the organisation. And once the event is over, you can post a video-on-demand version into a group for those who weren't able to watch live.

Here are six ways in which your organisation could use live video.

1. Teaching how to use new equipment or software

Training via video, whether through live streaming or on demand, enables you to convey information in an accessible format to hundreds or even thousands of employees.

Live or on-demand training enables you to convey accessible information to hundreds or even thousands of employees

For example, you could do a 'how to' video, where an IT manager talks people through a step-by-step process for using new software.

Participants will learn more quickly if the content is interesting to them, and they can ask questions as they go. You can now also create polls in live videos to make sessions even more interactive.

Here's how Spyglass Realty is using Workplace live video to help them save 32 hours of agents' time each month.

2. Sharing changes to brand identity

Live video enables you to share information with dispersed teams as if everyone was in the same room. If you need to announce brand changes, such as a logo redesign, it's important for all staff to understand the new direction that the company is taking.

You can also integrate Workplace with Zoom to stream live business meetings into a timeline or specific group. This is ideal for company-wide announcements or Q&A sessions where senior managers need to connect with frontline workers.

You can also integrate Workplace with Zoom to stream live business meetings into a timeline or specific Workplace group.

3. Relocation tour

When you broadcast live video, it doesn't need to focus on a person or product to make it interesting.

Say you're relocating one of your offices to a new building. You can use live video streaming to provide a virtual tour of your new location. You can then pin it in one of your company Workplace groups so people can find it or rewatch it when they like.

You can pin the recording to the top of a Workplace group so people can find, rewatch and share it

This gives people an overview of where things are and where they'll be sitting so they can familiarise themselves with the layout and be more productive more quickly.

4. Discussing marketing strategies

You can lead a Workplace brainstorming group with your sales and marketing teams to talk about your content strategy for the next quarter, and team members can comment and ask questions live.

Once you've come up with some ideas, you can test them on other teams and ask for feedback. This will give you different perspectives on new content while also encouraging collaboration across departments.

5. Fashion show for a new uniform

If London Fashion Week can live stream its catwalk shows, why not do something similar yourself? If your organisation is launching a new uniform for people in your stores or factories, ask for volunteers to model it. Then create a buzz about it by live streaming the rollout as your very own fashion show.

Integrations with tools such as BlueJeans enable you to live stream other events too

Integrations with tools such as BlueJeans enable you to live stream other events too. Like factory tours or sharing insight 'behind the scenes' at an industry awards show that you're attending.

6. Organising work experience for workers of the future

Younger generations like to be visually stimulated. Incorporating a tool that speaks to them can be a great way to improve communications with outside partners such as schools, colleges and universities.

With live video, HR professionals can engage instantly with the talent of the future to make their work experience worthwhile.

And it's not just schoolchildren that you can impress. According to a Robert Walters white paper, 53% of Gen Y say that they would be more likely to accept a job if the employer used the same technologies that they do.

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