Meet the IDC MarketScape's new leader in collaboration and community

IDC's global MarketScape assessment shows how using Workplace helps people build community and work together.


Since the start of the global pandemic, organisations have had to refocus on the tools they need to help people talk and work together. That isn't easy. What's the right balance between communication platforms and collaboration software? How do you select a future-proof tool that delivers exceptional employee experiences whether your workforce is in the office, at home or on the frontline?

These are the questions posed in a new IDC MarketScape vendor assessment, which positions Workplace from Meta as a leader in the collaboration and community space.

The assessment puts a dozen business solutions through their paces using a rigorous scoring system. In the analysis, the IDC MarketScape report positioned Workplace, as a leader for the following strengths:

  • Most people don't need any training to use Workplace. That helps drive fast adoption. This is evident as the number of customers with over 100,000 users grows.

  • Groups and Knowledge Library have made it easier to capture company knowledge and make it accessible for employees. This can replace existing corporate hard-to-navigate portals with an easy-to-access, device-agnostic Knowledge Library as the single source of truth. It can also replace traditional intranets with easy-to-find content and where the admin allows engagement

  • Engaging, two-way dialogs are features that extend beyond a broadcast and provide tools to enable everyone in a business to have a voice

  • Live video is an authentic way to communicate news and information and quantify the impact of leadership communications to ensure continuous improvement

Here's why the IDC MarketScape advises, “Workplace should be a consideration when you want to build community at work, are seeking to replace intranet content with easy-to-access content, want to create content to drive feedback and engagement at granular to companywide levels, and would consider video from executives to make sure the messages can reach and engage everyone in the organisation.”

Read the excerpt right here.


Workplace acclaimed by Frost & Sullivan for elevating the Employee Experience

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Workplace acclaimed by Frost & Sullivan for elevating the Employee Experience

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