How Workplace works at Telenor

"More agility, more innovation, more collaboration."

telenor workplace - Workplace from Meta

"More agility, more innovation, more collaboration."

Telenor is a world-leading telecommunications operator that uses digital to empower societies. And with 34,000 employees across 13 markets, connectivity is key to their company culture.

Telenor has teams around the world and their agile expansion into emerging markets has been central to their success. They were looking for a modern communication platform to support this continuing growth and give their teams smarter and relevant tools.

They chose Workplace. And we're delighted to have been working with them to meet these challenges.

Three quarters of Telenor's 34,000-strong team are now using Workplace, with over half of them doing so on their phones. It's led to better connectivity and innovation across their workforce. And, as Senior Vice President of Culture & Change Management, Anne Flagstad, says, "It's part of who we are now."

Take a look at our video case study and find out more about Telenor's Workplace story.

How Workplace helped:

How Workplace helped:

  • Improving internal process Senior Data Scientist, Johannes Belland, recently used a company-wide group to share research from his department. Senior leaders saw the update, and within hours, Telenor's Comms team got in touch. The next day, Johannes' research was on the front page of Norway's leading newspaper. As customer engagement spiked due to the news coverage, customers were calling in expressing interest in Johannes' project and how it could help them in their daily lives.
  • Easier than email Workplace's audio and video chat functions help Telenor VP, Berit Framnes, manage her Oslo-based team from Singapore without having to rely on email. It's made communication with her team more meaningful, and more productive.
  • Encouraging conversation Workplace's live broadcasting feature helps Telenor optimise their company-wide "Town Halls". An open dialogue is now instant and easy with live comments and instant "reaction" buttons. Distributing the broadcast in app has made it accessible to all employees, while the lack of third-party software means all data is secure.
  • Connecting everyone. 75% of Telenor's employees now use Workplace to share knowledge and engage each other every day. The platform helps them harness the full potential of their 34,000 employees. Internal processes have sped up, innovation has increased and they have opened up workplace silos.

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