How Workplace is helping Eimskip ship at scale

Bridging the gap between disparate work environments, enabling real-time response and fostering more connectedness. See how Workplace is helping Eimskip reimagine transportation and teamwork.


As a leading transportation company in the North Atlantic, with specialised worldwide freight forwarding services, there are an abundance of work environments that Eimskip encompasses. From the C-suite executives and communication team based in Eimskip's home office, to the people operating freight vehicles on the road and out at sea, Eimskip needed a solution that would bring people together.

Workplace has helped bring a new level of visibility and immediacy to Eimskip's operations that is unlike anything the company has experienced before.

Workplace keeps us connected so that we can share information, collaborate and react to problems before they become problems.

“ Workplace keeps us connected so that we can share information, collaborate and react to problems before they become problems. ”

Founded in 1914, Eimskip has offices in 20 countries, operates 22 vessels and has around 2,000 employees. By opening up an active dialogue between people and teams, Workplace has allowed people to work smarter and have a better understanding of their contribution to the valuable work that Eimskip does every day.

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