Why empowering women benefits business

by Rossa Brown

Empowering women in business

In the fifth of our series of films, we explore how investing in workplace gender diversity pays off for everyone.

Expectations and attitudes changing and Gen Y joins the chorus of voices demanding more diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The good news for employers? This is good news for employers…

Take a look at our interview with two CEOs paving the way for female leaders and entrepreneurs to find out why.

Gen Yers have grown up surrounded by diversity and opportunity. Now, this outspoken generation is making its expectations clear to employers by leading renewed demands for more diverse and inclusive work environments.

Changing expectations

Lu Li is CEO of Blooming Founders – an incubation platform for female entrepreneurs. She thinks that Gen Yers expectations of the future of work are very different.

“They are much more open-minded and more inclusive,” says Lu. “That’s the trait I see with Gen Y women. I think the workplace has to be ready for that.”

And 86% of female Gen Yers reckon that an employer’s record on gender diversity is a make-or-break factor in their job hunt.

This is a cohort making its presence felt in the push for workplace inclusivity. And what’s more, businesses are beginning to take notice.

The benefit to business

Lynn Branigan thinks this shift in perception is inevitable. As the CEO of She Runs It – an organization helping more women to lead at every level of marketing and media – she believes it comes down to the bottom line.

“There are some inherent differences between women and men that make a fabulous combination in the workplace,” Lynn says.

And it’s these differences that hold the key for businesses who want to benefit from greater workplace diversity.

“When women are in leadership roles they have more collaborative organizations. They’re more creative. They lead more socially responsible companies. The bottom line results are undeniable.”

New tools that can empower everyone

And what’s exciting is the way that new collaboration tools at work continue to act as the great leveler. Tools that enable seamless teamwork across any divide. Platforms that open up transparent business communication that join entire organizations together from top to bottom and front to back.

A new era of connectivity in the workplace that empowers people of all ages, sexes, and dispositions to work better, together.

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