Safety Check for Workplace is now available for everyone

We announced Safety Check for Workplace at Flow 2018 in October. And today, we're delighted to launch it for every Workplace Premium customer.


Safety Check for Workplace makes work communities better prepared in a crisis by allowing employers to locate people and provide assistance quickly.

Untangle work with Workplace

From informing everyone about the return to the office to adopting a hybrid way of working, Workplace makes work more simple.

And now, the power of Safety Check is available for all Premium customers on Workplace to bring work communities together when it's most important.

What is Safety Check?

What is Safety Check?

Safety Check is a new way for organisations to send notifications to employees and take action on their responses in real time.

Although we hope you never have to use Safety Check, you now have the power to connect with employees across the world in case an emergency arises.

So how does it work? Watch the video to find out.

Where can I find out more about Safety Check?

Where can I find out more about Safety Check?

We've put together this guide to up-levelling your employee safety programme using Workplace. It includes best practices for implementing Safety Check and some tips to make Workplace part of your overall employee safety strategy.

System admins can enable Safety Check from their Admin Panel.

Take a look at our original blog post or the website to learn how Safety Check for Workplace can change the way in which your organisation handles a crisis. Or get more of your product questions answered in our Help Centre.

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