Workplace at Dreamforce 2017

Better integrations. Women trailblazers. And how people change organisations. Just three things that we're talking about at Dreamforce this year as Workplace continues to join businesses together and helps them find new ways of working.

dreamforce 2017 - Workplace from Meta

The future of work is here. New technologies, new attitudes and changes in communication are transforming how people work. We're sharing our views on this new working world with over 170,000 thought leaders and tech evangelists at Dreamforce this year. Here's what we're covering.

Workplace and Quip. Better integrations so that you get more done

Workplace and Quip. Better integrations so that you get more done

Workplace is a platform that gives everyone a place to work together. Quip is a modern collaboration platform where teams create and organise their work from any device. They're tools that are helping redefine the future of the workplace. They bring teams closer together and enable people to move fast and get more done.

We'll be exploring the new Workplace and Quip beta, talking about some of the new features and discussing how the integration goes beyond simple content management.

How are Quip and Workplace working better together?

  • Linked folders and auto-permission. Workplace group admins will now be able to link Quip folders to their group. Group members can view folders in the group tab because they'll automatically get all the folder permissions that they need
  • Easy navigation. Group members will find a list of every file from linked Quip folders in an easy-to-navigate files tab
  • Better collaboration. These improvements will make it easier for teams to collaborate, edit and work together on documents. So that they can work faster and get more done
Workplace integrations with best-of-breed solutions

Workplace integrations with best-of-breed solutions

We're also diving a little deeper into our integrations. How Workplace connects with other leading solutions to help make collaboration seamless. We'll expand on the reasons why our integration with Quip can improve transparency within organisations. We'll discuss how using Workplace to build bots that integrate with Salesforce can accelerate the pace of work. And we'll explain how people can use Workplace API to build custom solutions that simplify processes and automate tasks.

And we're also bringing a panel of women trailblazers together to share their latest innovations in the workplace. Each of these leaders will tell stories about how they accelerated their careers by harnessing opportunities to drive change at work. How they use Workplace to transform their organisations. And how people can make a huge impact in the new working world and harness new tools to change their businesses for the better.

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