How Dhipaya Insurance is using Workplace to transform how people connect and collaborate

Dhipaya's fast growth and distributed workforce was creating a number of challenges for communication, working together and employee engagement. Here are five of those challenges and how using Workplace is helping to solve them.


Dhipaya Insurance was founded in 1951 and is regarded as one of the top insurance companies with over 30 branches across Thailand. Dhipaya's headquarters are located in Bangkok and currently employ over 1,300 people. It deployed Workplace to everyone in less than four weeks – and it's completely transformed the way the organisation works. Here's how.

Untangle work with Workplace

From informing everyone about the return to the office to adopting a hybrid way of working, Workplace makes work more simple.

Challenge: Delivering training to a growing distributed and mobile workforce was expensive.

Solution: Using live video in Workplace enables training to take place anywhere, anytime.

Dhipaya is using Workplace to transform the delivery and effectiveness of training. Teams deliver training via live video to all Dhipaya staff in Bangkok and across Thailand. This allows the entire business to receive consistently high-quality training regardless of where they are or when they're available.

Workplace has reduced training costs by 95% by providing a platform with live video to train employees virtually – without reducing quality.

Workplace has reduced training costs by 95% by providing a platform with live video to train employees virtually – without reducing quality.

The comments sections under each video provide an additional crowdsourced FAQ experience which allows viewers to engage with each other easily on the training topic. Dhipaya record the training sessions and post to relevant Workplace groups. This gives an easily accessible resource for people to access at any point in the future, helping ongoing learning and development for the growing Dhipaya team.

Workplace has reduced training costs by 95% by providing a platform with live video to train employees virtually – without reducing quality.

“Workplace creates a great communication channel for all and enables creative and innovative ideas among our staff. It harmonises the entire organisation.”

Challenge: An ever-increasing use of Shadow IT was a risk.

Solution: Workplace provides a secure platform for communication and collaboration.

Workplace provides Dhipaya with a platform for all employees to securely communicate and collaborate. Teams use groups to share documents and connect with each other. And they use Workplace Chat for instant messaging, phone and HD video calls.

Live video in a Workplace group

Live video in a Workplace group

Deploying Workplace enabled Dhipaya to replace consumer-grade messaging tools with a single communication and collaboration platform. Critically, Workplace meets Dhipaya's security and compliance requirements – Workplace is ISO 27001 and ISO 27018 accredited – and provides administrators and HR team members with effective tools to manage, control access and keep data secure.

Challenge: Lack of employee engagement measurement tools.

Solution: Using Workplace drives employee engagement and Dhipaya culture across all branches.

Dhipaya now uses Workplace to help track and measure the engagement of its employees. Teams use groups to report progress and to collaborate on everyday activities. They use detailed dashboards in Group Insights to provide Dhipaya management with engagement data.

The results have been hugely impressive. Dhipaya has exceeded their goals of 90% adoption and engagement. And in the first three months, Dhipaya staff across Thailand have shared almost 400 posts, 2,000 comments and over 10,000 reactions – a clear indicator of ease of adoption and even stronger teamwork across the business.

Challenge: Connecting a distributed workforce was difficult.

Solution: Using Workplace tools is connecting the Dhipaya leadership team with everyone.

The Dhipaya leadership team uses Workplace to communicate company vision, mission and goals to the entire business. With 95% weekly engagement from the management team, using Workplace has created a new way of working at Dhipaya.

Watching a Live video broadcast on mobile

Watching a live video broadcast on mobile

Leaders and managers use groups, posts, live video and comments for two-way interaction and feedback with everyone. The days of one-way communication channels are over.

Challenge: Rolling out a new company-wide platform is hard, isn't it?

Solution. Engaging the services of a Workplace partner reassured Dhipaya that it isn't...

To ensure a successful launch, Dhipaya employed the services of GoPomelo, a Workplace partner. GoPomelo worked with the Workplace team to build a launch plan enabling company-wide launch in less than four weeks.

GoPomelo provided consultancy and training for identity services integration and SSO (single sign on), leadership consulting and change management, including impact analysis, communication, training and transformation labs.

What's next for Workplace?

Dhipaya is now pushing to drive 100% adoption of Workplace. We can't wait to hear how all their employees continue to use Workplace to connect, communicate and make work better.

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