Flow 2018 session spotlight: Building Connected Organisations hosted by Sheryl Sandberg

With less than a week to go until Flow, we're introducing you to the closing panel session of the event: Building Connected Organisations hosted by Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg.


People work better when they feel connected to a business. But it's also true that businesses work better when they make a connection with their people.

Why does it matter? Because great customer experiences start inside an organisation – with connected employees who are empowered to work better, smarter and faster together.

Great customer experiences start inside an organisation

Great customer experiences start inside an organisation

In fact, companies with great employee experiences have 2.5-times higher customer satisfaction rates and are over 30% more productive than their non-networked competitors.

For the Building Connected Organisations panel, we've assembled a team of experts to discuss what connected organisations mean to them and explore why they're prioritising connectivity.

We'll look at the ways they're helping to build more connected communities and the value that this brings to people in ways both big and small.

As COO of Facebook, session host Sheryl Sandberg has over a decade of experience leading a people-focused global network. One of the tech industry's most influential executives, Sheryl supports and oversees a transparent and connected workplace.

Joanne Smith is Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer for Delta Air Lines. She is responsible for preserving the airline's unique culture of positive engagement with its more than 80,000 employees, overseeing talent management, development and more.

John Taylor, Chief Technology Officer at United Way is a creative thinker. With proven competency in initiative development, he enables solutions and new approaches which help create organisational success.

John led United Way's efforts in coordinating Hurricane Katrina relief efforts for 8,000 Gulf Coast evacuees.

At Flow, our panellists will be discussing practical strategies versus just paying lip service. Not only are there clear rewards for building a connected organisation, there are clear risks in standing still.

In a world where transparency is the new normal, your people are your brand.

In a world where transparency is the new normal, your people are your brand.

Customer expectations are rising. Where organisations used to be a black box with the brand painted on the outside, today they're a glass box.

Outsiders expect to see everything – processes, values and actions. Employees expect to have access to the tools that they need to connect and join together so they can more readily meet these new expectations.

In a world where transparency is the new normal, your people are your brand. And the more connected they are, the happier they'll be.

And the more connected they are, the happier they'll be.

And the more connected they are, the happier they'll be.

That's why building a connected organisation isn't just a question for human resources. It's a full court press for senior leadership that takes in people, technology and operational strategy.

What is Flow?

What is Flow?

Flow is our global leadership summit, taking place on Tuesday, 9 October 2018 at Hotel Nia, Menlo Park, CA, US.

Together with customers and best-of-breed partners such as Walmart, Vodafone, Box and Okta, we'll discuss the ways that businesses can connect people to their organisation's purpose, unlock their true potential and empower them to do their best work.

We'll also hear about the future of the enterprise from visionary SaaS founders and next-gen IT leaders.

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